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At the Dental office of Jason D. Hutto, DDS, our aim is to provide the highest-quality dental care and service to all our patients.

We invest in our patients’ by educating them about the state of their oral health, the best way to maintain their whole smiles from the teeth and gums and throughout; and their best options if treatment is necessary. Combining our experience with modern dental techniques and technology, we endeavor to improve your self-confidence and quality of life through your smile.

From your overall self-confidence to your overall systemic health, the state of your smile can have dramatic effects on nearly every aspect of your life. At the office of Jason D. Hutto, DDS, our mission is to help you live healthier, happier, and more confidently by helping you reap the lifelong benefits of excellent oral health. To speak with Dr. Hutto about how we can help you, schedule a consultation by calling our dental office in Baton Rouge, LA, today at (225) 926-4203.

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Latest Patient Reviews

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Excellent service.

“Very friendly atmosphere, but all business when treatment began. Explained each step of the way and scheduled future appointments. Cost was certainly not prohibitive. Excellent service.”

Bette T.
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I would recommend him to anyone

“They provide a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The entire staff is friendly and remove any of the stress seeing the dentist can often times provide. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist or a more pleasurable dental experience.”

Matthew S.

Our Dental Specialist Team

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Office Administrator
Rennea Alfonso
Office Administrator
Kelly Comeaux
Dental Assistant
Taylor Pickard
EDDA, Dental Assistant

Our Dental Services and Specialties

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can affect not only your smile but also your quality of life. Our office has the advantage of providing comprehensive implant treatment from placing implants to restoring them. Schedule your consultation today to see what we can do to help you.

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Resotrative Dentistry

estorative Dentistry covers a multitude of services and options. In our office we use the latest materials and techniques to provide you with the highest quality, most esthetic dental restoration. From tooth-colored fillings to porcelain crowns we're here for you!

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Hygiene Services

At our office it's more than just a cleaning. We offer a wide variety of services to keep your smile in tip top shape including ultrasonic teeth cleaning, flouride treatment and sealants. New patients are always welcome. Call now to schedule your visit today!

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Dental Sedation

Anxiety prevents far too many people from seeking much needed dental care. This can result in tooth loss or even worse, it can lead to life threatening dental infections. We offer a variety of sedation options to make your visit comfortable and painless.

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a potentially life threatening condition. If you feel tired in the morning and have been told you snore you may have sleep apnea. A simple take home sleep test can tell if you're at risk and help us determine if sleep study and appliances could help.

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Extroardinary Services

Do you suffer from jaw tension. Are you concerned with facial wrinkles or crooked teeth. Our dental services include a variety of additional services and we would like you to have a look and call us if you would to see how we can help. New patients welcome!

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